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Deontay Wilder releases statement on Anthony Joshua fight

With so many varying headlines doing the rounds, along with some controversy over recent comments, Wilder chose to delay his phone chat in favor of thanking the Briton for his confirmation of interest in an undisputed clash.

Following his victory over Joseph Parker, Joshua publicly called on Wilder to agree a fight next in the UK, something Wilder is only too pleased to accommodate.

“One hundred percent, 100 percent,” Joshua had said at the weekend.

“You’re asking me, do I want to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world? The WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO. Twenty one fights, six world championship fights. I am not into the hype. I am about the business. So, let’s talk business. Eddie Hearn can talk with Al Haymon and (Shelly Finkel).

“Just like Dillion (Whyte) said, ‘WILDER, LET’S GO, BABY.’ Let’s go. On this side of the pond, we are serious. Great Britain, the United Kingdom, we are representing. We have all the fighters, champions from heavyweight all the way down to the lower weight classes. We are about the business.

“Get him (Wilder) in the ring, and I’ll knock him spark out,” Joshua promised.

Barry Hearn, the father of Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn, even set up plans to meet with Wilder’s representatives Shelly Finkel and Al Haymon this week – another statement ‘The Bronze Bomber’ is hoping comes to fruition.

“First of all, I want to congratulate Anthony Joshua on his win last Saturday night,” said Wilder.

“Anthony, I am so glad we finally heard from you on Saturday and that you want to fight me as your next opponent and you want the fight to happen in the UK.

“I accept that challenge and I am ready to come to the UK for my next fight. There is nothing on Team Wilder’s side to prevent me from fighting you next.

“You also said on Saturday that your team is ready to meet with Shelly Finkel and Al Haymon from my side to get this deal done.

“They are also ready to meet with your team immediately. Let us know when – the sooner the better.

“Thanks, Anthony, I can’t wait to meet you in the ring,” he added.

Despite Joshua naming the United Kingdom as his preferred destination, taking the first fight to Las Vegas in the second half of this year – followed by London rematch next summer, is said to be the most lucrative plan for what will be the first undisputed heavyweight title clash since Lennox Lewis v Evander Holyfield almost two decades ago.