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Home » Joseph Parker bids for exciting Anthony Joshua fight, explains what victory would mean to him

Joseph Parker bids for exciting Anthony Joshua fight, explains what victory would mean to him

The undefeated WBO ruler attempts to rip away Joshua’s IBO, IBF and WBA versions at the National Stadium and believes the timing is right for the two top division juggernauts to meet head-to-head.

“I’m looking forward to fighting an undefeated fighter like Anthony Joshua, who I respect. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to unify the division and unify the belts and the opportunity to put on a great display and make my mark on SHOWTIME. I can’t wait for it. Our team is excited to be here and it’s going to be a great opportunity for us,” said Parker.

“A match like this is a very big deal. As a fan of boxing and as a fighter, we love to watch the big fights and be involved in the big fights. So we’re pretty happy to be involved in the fight. I think it’s the best time for us to be involved in a big fight like this.

“Back a few years ago, Kevin said he’s always wanted to fight Anthony Joshua and he said to me, when we do fight this guy, it has to mean something. And it does really mean something this time.

“We’re both undefeated, we both have titles, we’re both world champions and we both want to unify the division so it’s going to mean a lot and it’s a big occasion.

“The fans haven’t really seen the best Joseph Parker there is. Going into this fight, we’ve worked on a lot of things. Like I said, I trust in my whole team. I trust in my coach and the game plan.

“I’m going to bring a lot of movement, speed and power and a lot of angles. I promise that this is a fight that I’m going to make very exciting.”

On what it would mean to become the number one 200 pounds plus fighter on the planet, Parker added: “It would mean a lot. It would mean the world, not only for myself but for our team.

“There’s a lot of people that’s involved in getting me to this stage and there’s a lot of people that want me to go out there and put on my best performance.

“It’s going to mean a lot for myself, my team, my coach and my countries of New Zealand and Samoa.”