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Home » Exclusive: Jamie Anderson describes making BOXING AND PROMOTIONAL debut on the SAME NIGHT

Exclusive: Jamie Anderson describes making BOXING AND PROMOTIONAL debut on the SAME NIGHT

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Empire Boxing Promotions held its first show on the 17th March featuring prospects and debutants, one of those including Anderson himself.

With a successful points victory over Darren Snow, Anderson recalled his maiden ring experience in an exclusive interview with WBN.

“Yeah it was a stressful few days because obviously it was my first pro show, as a promoter and I’ve never promoted a show before in my life,” said Anderson.

It was my pro debut with very little boxing background so yeah it was good, very good, it was emotional and kind of like a dream came true.”

The pressure of both fighting and promoting on the same night was handled professionally, Anderson added: “It went well as much as the nerves kicking in from both sides.

“It was nerve-racking obviously going out for my first pro fight, there was a lot of pressure there, but also it was making sure that show worked and everyone got paid.

“It was a mixture of very rewarding, a proud moment but also kinda stressful as well. There was so much going on, I opened my eyes, it showed me every single side of boxing, if that makes sense.”

Anderson went on to state he went to extra lengths to ensure the show’s success:

“It shows you a side of boxing that not every boxer sees, the running and making sure of the weigh in, we dealt with all the boxers, we got the sponsors, I probably did more stuff than other promoters don’t do because I didn’t know that you let people do that,

“I did all of these things and chased all the medicals up and chased all this stuff up and did it so thoroughly because I didn’t want anything to go wrong with the show.”

Anderson revealed he lost three and a half stone to make weight for his pro debut:

“At the end of the day, I know how hard it is to box, to make weight. I went into training camp at 18.5 stone and I weighed in 14 stone 12 for that fight so I had to make weight.

“I had to make sure the show and the fights were matched, initially we were going to have nine fights and we ended up with seven.

“Ben Capps didn’t end up getting on the show because of the BBBofC, so yeah, it was a stressful performance.”

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller