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Home » Exclusive: Isaac Lowe discusses Ryan Walsh draw, confident rematch happens

Exclusive: Isaac Lowe discusses Ryan Walsh draw, confident rematch happens

With some time to reflect, and in an exclusive interview with World Boxing News, Lowe looked back on the close and enthralling fight.

Receiving another draw on his record in a title bout after twelve rounds of action against Walsh, the friend of Tyson Fury gave his reaction to the result:

“Listen, I’m gonna be truthful – I know it was a close fight, I’ve had twelve round fights but I thought I edged it by two rounds,” Lowe told WBN.

“I watched it back a couple of times and I haven’t really changed my mind about it, to be honest. I really do think I won the fight.

“On the night I thought it was close, it could have gone either way (with the judges) because it was a close fight.”

The fight unravelled with Lowe taking the early rounds and Walsh the middle, leaving the last two rounds vital to both fighters.

“The first six rounds or so I thought I outboxed him and I lost a few in the middle rounds, between 6 and 10, I let him back in the fight and I started to get more of a fight with him,” he explained.

Learning from the fight and hoping to make the rematch happen, Lowe has the utmost confidence he will win second time around.

“It’s a learning lesson and there’s no doubt in my mind; next time there’s gonna be one clear winner.

“I want the rematch, I think Ryan wants the rematch because it makes sense, obviously we didn’t like each other before the fight.

“I wouldn’t say we’re best buddies, but after that night I have got a lot of respect for Ryan, I know he’s a tough opponent and I know he’s good.”

“I’m sure he wants to show everybody he can beat me and I want to show everybody what I am.

“That night I know for a fact that was only 70% of me, that was no way near my best performance. I know if it comes again I’ll dominate Ryan Walsh.”

Lowe currently holds a record of 14-0-3 including an impressive win over Marco McCullough in which he won the Commonwealth featherweight title, along with a draw with Dennis Ceylan for the European crown.

Wanting to remain active, Lowe said he aims to be back in the ring soon.

“If it was down to me I wanna fight ASAP, at the current time I feel like I’m stuck where not no one wants to fight me; obviously I’ve got no big promoter and its like who wants it.

“If Ryan doesn’t come to do the rematch, although I think he will because money wise it will make sense and I think I’m his best opponent so it makes sense for both of us really. If he doesn’t go there, who’s going to fight me?

“Who wants to climb the ladder with me and I’ve already done that with the voluntary against Dennis Ceylan and look at what happened in that fight.

“I find it hard now, I just want one of those moments, its hard for me because I’m not full-time in boxing. I’ve got to go to work and I just hope I get the break to be fair.

“I’ve spoken to my manager to get me out as soon as possible, I’m just trying to get focused and get back ASAP.”

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller