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Mayweather v McGregor 2: Why MMA rematch would be the biggest PPV fight of all time

Thr 50-0 star is currently said to be mulling over the opportunity to battle old-foe Conor McGregor in a massive UFC rematch, with a paycheck worth upwards of $300 million on the table.

UFC President Dana White has already revealed the pair shook on a second helping in the octagon when agreeing to clash in a boxing ring last year, an encounter which earned both a huge amount of cash and became the second biggest Pay-Per-View event of all time on Showtime.

Gaining 4.3m buys for a fight most thought would never happen was some going for Mayweather, although the man boxing fans love to hate could see that figure toppled should he choose to switch codes.

His drab contest with Manny Pacquiao remains the number one selling boxing event of all time is seems destined not to be beaten in the squared circle for the immediate future, but moving into an arena where he’s a huge underdog could bring a lot more punters to the table.

It’s no secret pugilistic supporters have been purchasing Mayweather’s PPV offerings for years just to see him get knocked out, whilst the promise of McGregor potentially choking the 40 year-old out or laying an elbow or knee to his temple could have those who despise what the ‘Money’ man stands for queuing up in their droves to pay the $99.95 or above price.

That’s where Mayweather’s love for the almighty dollar and business sense should take over in this instance, as the bout is already agreed on all sides and just needs a thumbs up from the American to take the challenge.

Showtime would probably have to work alongside the UFC in terms of TV rights for what would be almost nailed on to make over five million sales and topple half a billion dollars in PPV revenue alone.

Can Mayweather pass up this kind of opportunity – especially when his boxing legacy would be completely untouched by any defeat? It seems unlikely, although the purist may argue taking even one reverse on the chin would not be Floyd’s style.

McGregor, for his part, is raring to go judging by his social media posts and is licking his lips at the prospect of getting his hands on the veteran inside a cage.

The chance for the Irishman to avenge his loss, coupled with the less-than-tempting offers coming for a UFC title defense, all makes sense for ‘The Notorious’ one moving forward.

A master orchestrator, Mayweather may still have a couple of twists to lay down before he does agree to step inside the fearsome and unfamiliar arena, with hybrid rules in bigger MMA gloves a couple of potential stipulations

But how to sum up the pulling power of the rematch?

Ask any fight fan in the world whether they’d want to watch the duo trade blows under boxing or MMA rules – you’ll find your ultimate answer, and why more people would tune in to watch Mayweather fall flat on his face, than dominate McGregor before stopping him late using Queensberry Rules.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay