Wilder worried for Joshua, says physique will be a problem against Parker

Deontay Wilder

Natalie Mussafer

Deontay Wilder believes Anthony Joshua will need to drop some of his extensive muscle mass as the talented Briton trains for a unification with Joseph Parker.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ says Joshua will need to be more mobile when it comes to tackling Parker’s strengths, whilst also stating the Kiwi should shed some of his own excess weight for March 31.

“Just because a person looks more muscular and looks like they have it all down pat doesn’t mean they are going to destroy everybody,” Wilder told Newshub.co.nz.

“I tell people that I would rather be the part then look the part, looking the part isn’t going to get me nowhere.

“I’ve seen many people look the part but when it’s time to perform in a place where it really matters, they can’t pull the trigger. I think Parker is good at where he is to be a little bit slender, not having too much muscle because when you start bulling too much muscle mass your flexibility starts to decrease.

“Parker will also have to be mobile which I think he will do a pretty good job of. The things I’m telling you now I’ve told him before, because we talk. He is going to have to continue to punch while he moves and keep his head moving. If he can do that, he will see openings and see some of the weakness Joshua has.


“On the flip side Joshua is going to have to be more flexible, he is going to have to move his head more.

“I hope his conditioning is well put because he is going to need that…if he doesn’t have that there could be problems, if Parker knows how to handle the situation.”

Giving his thoughts on whom he’d like to see with their hand raised, Wilder added: “I’d be lying if I said I want Joseph Parker to win. I wish Joseph Parker the best.

“But the reason that me and Joshua is a highly anticipated fight is that the world wants to see and it will bring the heavyweight division back to its top peak.

“But anything can happen in boxing and we all have to keep in mind that the head isn’t meant to be hit in the first place, so if you get hit in a certain way you can go. This is a brutal sport,” said Wilder.