Floyd Mayweather wants fighters to petition to have his face on all the world title belts

World Boxing Council Heavyweight belt

Even in retirement, Floyd Mayweather continues to cause a stir with every interview and his latest offering with Fight Hype was no different.

Mayweather, out of action since an August win over Conor McGregor, is already planning how he wants to be honored for one of the greatest careers ever put together inside the ropes.

Despite the likes of Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and other top stars enjoying stints on the WBC belt, plus the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO decided on interchanging title medals gracing their straps, Mayweather wants all of that changed in order to see himself as the main focus.

“I’ve got the Emerald belt, I’ve got the Money belt and they create belts. They even named a belt after me, The Money Belt,” pointed out Mayweather in his most recent discussion with FightHype.com.

“As a matter of fact, I’m letting the WBC know this right now, I want all the fighters to petition – I need my face on the WBC belt and I need my face on the IBF, WBO and the WBA.

“I need my face on all belts. s***, The Godfather’s face should go on the belts,” he added.

It’s doubtful Mayweather’s wish will be granted, even with the backing of some of his fighters, as the WBC would be unlikely to remove the most recognizable face in boxing belonging to Muhammad Ali.

Former WBC President Jose Sulaiman has also been placed on some of the later green and gold belts made for title fights, whilst Mayweather has been visible before without making it a permanent affair.

The WBA made a special title for the Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko fight back in April featuring the two heavyweight stars, and as the fight-by-fight basis stays relevant, the most Mayweather could hope for would be to see his face on one of his own personal championships.