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Home » Mayweather: De La Hoya wants McGregor? – is he a hypocrite or is he back on coke?’

Mayweather: De La Hoya wants McGregor? – is he a hypocrite or is he back on coke?’

Mayweather, currently enjoying a trip to the far east, is seen in the clip giving De La Hoya both barrels whilst predicting he’s back on drugs following successful rehabilitation.

“When Oscar de la Hoya, the same one that was talking about me fighting Conor McGregor, he was trying to protest and stop the fight!” Mayweather can be seen stating.

“Now he’s trying to fight Conor McGregor. Is he a hypocrite or is he back on coke again? That man, that boy still snorting the lines. Still snorting the lines!”

“Everybody (he) try to protest the Mayweather McGregor fight. But I’m gonna tell you all the truth. You know I carried McGregor? You know I made it look good for y’all?”

During an appearance on Golden Boy radio, De La Hoya had said: “You know I’m competitive. You know I still have it in me.

“I’ve been secretly training, secretly training. I’m faster than ever and stronger than ever.

“I know I could take out Conor McGregor in two rounds. I’ll come back for that fight. Two rounds.”

As things stand, McGregor is no closer to outlining his own future plans after banking $140m for his part in the Mayweather PPV success on August 26.

Talk of a UFC return or an encounter with Manny Pacquiao has filled column inches recently, whilst McGregor has also hit the headlines for a rumored bar fight in his native Ireland.

Whatever transpires for ‘The Notorious’ in the coming months, reports of another stint in the boxing ring surely won’t be far away.