WBA Convention closes in Medellin, Colombia

It was Roberto Durán and Anselmo Moreno who went up to the platform to receive the gratitude for all that Panama did for the AMB during the years that the agency remained in the Central American country.

Medellín will be the new location of the presidency, and therefore headquarters, with the convention beginning of a new era of “The WBA we all want”. The event was unprecedented in terms of participation and activities, with the whole convention even going out on the street to visit the community and capitalize on the start of an academic profile through an agreement with the University of Antioquia. These are all brand new initiatives brought to the convention and great things that boxing can use in general.

On stage Mendoza had kind words to say about his friends, as he hugged Duran and Moreno and gave a speech about his time in Panama with the organization. ”In my personal life and in the AMB, I close a chapter in Panama, where there was much satisfaction and joy. With “Chemito” Moreno a story stays with me because it is part of the systematic development. I was just in Panama and listened to several prospects who dream of becoming world champions. Of the fruits that we harvested during the stay in Panama the most important was Moreno. He is evidence of everything positive in that period. Panama will always count on us and now it’s time to work hand in hand with Medellín.”

Mendoza also gave his impressions about the event, which had the clear objective of demonstrating all the development and training work that the AMB wants to implement in Medellín, with Mendoza saying “Today ends our convention. I think we could really teach Medellin what boxing is and how it goes beyond fighting in a ring. We also have high level boxers who are well educated and who can contribute to society greatly. We now finish an unforgettable convention and we see that we had an impact in the city.“

Mendoza also shared with artist Felipe Peláez, who entertained the closing ceremony. The AMB is very proud and grateful for the reception of Medellín and hopes that the model it is working towards implementing will be beneficial for all.