WBC turn down Ricardo Mayorga sanction request, list many reasons why

While the WBC applauds the efforts of Mayorga to clean his life with the support of former champion Rosendo Alvarez, and even though Mayorga is reported to have successfully passed all medical examinations determined by the boxing authorities of Nicaragua, the WBC evaluates his boxing activity to be at high risk due to the following:

· Age of the fighter: 44
· Inactivity: He has only fought 8 times since losing his WBC title 11 years ago.
· He has not defeated a fighter with a winning record since 2010.
· His last 5 defeats have been by KO.
· Rating: He is not rated by the WBC, and the ratings committee rejected the proposal to rate him to be eligible to compete for the silver title.
· Weight: His ideal weight was welterweight and he was also champion at super welter. His last fight was at light heavyweight, and the proposed fight is at super middleweight.

The WBC notified the promotion of the WBC decision in due time, and the fight is scheduled on BoxRec.com for the WBA International title.