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WBC working hard to stamp out mismatched fights

At the WBC’s fifty fifth annual Convention at the Fairmont Hotel, in Baku, Azerbaijan Dean Lohuis who’s Chairman of the a Mismatches Committee, which was established two years ago, explained that they work with BoxRec, an organization which collates meticulous details about boxers and their career records. And formulates this into a star system.

The aim is make sure boxers fight opponents who are on the same skills and experience level, rather than competing when they have no realistic chance to win.

Another important factor is making sure boxers are fighting in the correct category, and not being weight drained. Also how many defeats and how many KO losses, is carefully assessed by the experts of the committee. Because…protecting fighters is paramount, by identifying if that bout would be a safety risk.

Dean said: “We are making great progress, and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from promoters.”

In a move aimed at continuing the legacy left by the late and great Frank Quill, as well as gratitude for their hard work plus achievement, Craig Hubble, Chairman of the NABF, proposed that Bob Yalen and Dean Lohus be appointed Chairman and Vice Chairman of the WBC’s Ratings Committee. This was approved with alacrity.