WBC endorse BoxRec as trusted source of fight / boxer information

In a presentation in Baku, Marina said that they try to work closely with boxing commissions.

She also explained that there has been an upward trend boxing over the last 30 years.

In 1980 there were just under 10,000 professional boxers worldwide. That number has risen to 23,000 active boxers today.

There are 227 boxing commissions, and were 8,328 suspensions over a 12-month period. In the last year, BoxRec showed six showing suspensions of six boxers.

Boxrec can even assess the victory probabilities of two boxers using a star rated system. There are more shows and more bouts per show.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said, “This is a tool that every promoter should instruct their matchmaker to use.”