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Nielsen responds to Henriksson confidence

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A former three-time national amateur champion, Nielsen has impressed since joining the paid ranks in October 2016, securing two stoppage victories and one unanimous points decision. The 28 year-old has also established himself as a fan favourite, living up to his unusual nickname ‘Pjatrøv’, which roughly translates to ‘funny bones’.

Ahead of his fourth professional fight and first paid trip overseas, we caught up with the fun loving fighter to get his take on his upcoming Scandinavian showdown.

Q: What do you think of your opponent Simon Henriksson?

He looks like a guy who can drink a beer or two, and I’ll buy the first round after the fight… but seriously, I’ve only heard positive things about him from other gyms and other trainers, and I think it’s a good, interesting match-up that will bring out the best in both of us.

Q: Are you wary of fighting outside of Denmark in your opponent’s home country?

I think it’s a chance for me to make a statement and to show that I’m not afraid to fight in my opponent’s home country. After all Sweden and Denmark are neighbours and Vikings together, and I know for a fact that Swedes can bring a party, so why not fight there? I also look forward to eating a lot of ‘svenska kjötbullar’.

Q: It’s a Scandinavian showdown – Denmark vs. Sweden – does that give the fight an extra spice?

Denmark vs. Sweden is a classic in football so why not in boxing. I think highly of Sweden, and the few times I’ve been there, I’ve loved it so I’m looking forward to fighting on Swedish soil.

Q: How will you be preparing for this fight?

Like all fights I’ll be training my ass off, and having fun while doing it. I train in Odense and Performance Gym, Svendborg. My trainer Dennis Rasmussen is preparing me for this fight. We usually start out by drinking coffee and sometimes we train afterwards. Torben Keller is still doing my physical programme to make sure the six-pack is glowing on fight night.

Q: Are you confident you will win?

Yes, bring it!

Q: You’ve entertained your Danish, not only with your fighting style but also in ring antics and colorful attire, what can the Swedish fans expect from you on September 30?

The Swedes can expect a guy having fun while fighting and I might have a surprise or two in the bag. Maybe this time I’ll fight with hair on my head – I have adorable curls.