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Julius Indongo ready for historic Terence Crawford unification

Indongo had a long flight to California but travelled in business class and says that his body has responded well to training already, with no jet lag or ill effects from the flight. He expects to be on point with his weight for a history-making event and believes that his career and life path has brought him directly to this singular point.

“Anything is possible with God. I will do my work in the ring.”

Julius is very confident, as any champion should be, but when you talk to him you get the sense that he really means it when he says he does not care who is across from him in the ring. He has been the underdog traveling to hostile territory in his last two bouts and in both of those fights he put on very impressive performances despite the odds being stacked against him.

“I will step into the ring prepared and do the best I can, as I have been doing for my entire career.”

Julius says that Crawford is a “good guy, a humble guy” but he has said that about opponents in the past and not been intimidated on their home turf. He says he has an excellent strategy planned out with his long time team and combined with the adjustment from travel and making weight going smooth he once again expects no hiccups in the process. He has been in this spot plenty of times before.

“It was no different than when I went to Moscow or Scotland and was the underdog there.”

The critics cannot get to Indongo. He has a self belief very strong but also adds that he won’t believe he has been beaten until he can reflect on a fight and say he lost to the better man. Sure that sounds common sense but it shows that being defeated cannot even enter his mindset until it is in the past tense.

“They [critics] will not be stepping into the ring; there will only be two people in the ring.”

The Blue Machine has had a drastic lifestyle change in the past year after winning first the IBF and then the WBA World Titles. He has done what he set out to do at the start of his boxing career and now is looking to make history in becoming the first Undisputed World Champion for Africa. It is not a mantle he takes lightly as he talks about being a role model and paving the way for future generations. His words hang on you after he says that he wants to leave a legacy for younger people that they can look back and learn from.

“I hope there are more to follow in my footsteps.”

Indongo’s star has been rising rapidly, even to the heights of having African President Hage Geingob give him an official passport. Indongo says that President Geingob has been influential to him and feeds him motivation to further his legacy and be the face of African sports.

“He is happy to see something special being done in the name of his country.”

Julius is very proud of becoming a World Champion. In particular he has enjoyed his interactions with the WBA, saying that they are very professional and that he loves the deep history of the organization.

“I hope to be a long reigning champion and do even more in the future.”