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Home » Nevada Commission rules confirm Floyd Mayweather’s 8oz glove request is legit

Nevada Commission rules confirm Floyd Mayweather’s 8oz glove request is legit

Confusion as to whether Mayweather’s confirmation he’d be wearing Grant gloves at the lower limit was apparent as the former pound for pound king made the announcement public.

WBN, as per the Nevada State Athletic Commission rules, can clarify Mayweather is perfectly within the rules to don the smaller gloves once McGregor makes his position clear.

It was widely thought any fighter over 147 pounds had to use 10oz gloves in competition, although the NSAC will make an exception at the request of both fighters.

This is the NSAC stance on boxers wearing 8oz gloves over the welterweight limit:

Athletes (boxers/kick boxers) weighing-in up to and including 135 pounds must wear 8 oz gloves in competition, while athletes weighing-in over 135 pounds (junior welterweight class and above) must wear 10 oz gloves in competition. 

However, athletes weighing-in over 135 but more than 147 may wear 8 oz gloves in competition if both athletes agree to do so in writing on their bout agreement (contract).

McGregor is used to competing in 4oz UFC gloves when battling in the octagon to great effect and has been taking people out left, right and center in his chosen code.

Surely the Irishman will bite Floyd’s hand off and accept any official request from the money man, a move which may see McGregor’s betting odds change again.

Odds on an upset have been closing all the time as bookmakers scramble to deal with a flood of bets on Mayweather suffering a first loss.

Mayweather had already signed a deal to fight McGregor at 154 pounds, something which raised eyebrows when revealed, and with 8oz gloves added into the equation, MMA fans may be even more convinced that Floyd’s demise is on the cards later this month in Las Vegas.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay