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Home » MayMac Tour Round 3: Cross-codes clash goes more WWE than PPV

MayMac Tour Round 3: Cross-codes clash goes more WWE than PPV

Previously in Los Angeles and Toronto, the media gatherings had some edge to them, but this time it was pure pantomime as McGregor took the villain role from Mayweather’s actions in Canada.

McGregor ditched his suit in favour of a shirtless number, complete with snake design mink coat, as the outspoken Irishman gave way to Mayweather this time around in New York City.

The tables were turned from Toronto, as if McGregor and Mayweather are taking turns to be in the leading role, although fans at the Barclays Center lapped it up.

Mayweather had more mic time than previously and this time didn’t allow McGregor to take the limelight as at the Budweiser stage on Wednesday.

A couple of the more comical moments were when Mayweather ‘made it rain’ on McGregor, amazingly with ONE DOLLAR bills, whilst another happened as ‘Money’ snapped/took a selfie of them both as ‘The Notorious’ was shouting abuse down his ear.

On the most recent viewing, the promotion needs a considerable shake-up for London as the pair prepare to close the media show at the SSE Arena in Wembley.

Dana White even aplogized for what he described as a ‘Brooklyn sh** show’ as some of those involved with both camps could clearly be seen cringing at what they witnessed.

In the aftermath, UFC boss White said he’d run the show in a different way as Mayweather Promotions and Showtime bid to drum up support of the Pay-Per-View blockbuster.