MayMac Tour Round 2: Mayweather laughs all the way to the bank, gives McGregor license to entertain

Round two of the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor World Press Tour saw the UFC champion take over the show completely, to the delight of the boxer.

Mayweather sat back and watched as McGregor had the capacity crowd at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto eating out of the palm of his hand in what is sure to mean bigger business for the pair.

The sheer scale of the media and punter gathering has everyone now firmly believing the fight will surpass the revenue of Mayweather’s previous record-breaking night against Manny Pacquiao in 2015.

On that night, nobody had ever gone passed 3 million Pay-Per-View buys before and Mayweather v Pacquiao superseeded that by hitting over 4.4 million in sales.

That was without the bravado of a certain Mr. McGregor and bereft of any sort of animosity as the fight simply sold itself due to the timescale fans had waitng for the encounter.

(Idris Erba)

Add to the mix McGregor’s banter, his antics in upstaging Floyd consistently, plus the likeability factor with the MMA and now boxing masses and this fight looks to be on course to break 5 million.

This is the main reason McGregor has been given the license he has to express himself and a ‘no-touch’ policy has been written into the contract. It all means ‘The Notorious’ and Mayweather can go full throttle in on each other knowing physical violence is not a problem.

Even when Mayweather took the Irish flag and wrapped it around himself, McGregor gave him a threat, not to mention stole his bag of money, and the former pound for pound king simply gave it back.

That shows the level of WWE-style showbiz Mayweather wants for this build-up and he’s quite happy to allow McGregor the opportunity as he continually watches interest in the event soar even higher.

Next up is New York on Thursday.