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Viral Watch: Don’t cross Mike Tyson when playing Call of Duty!

That’s the message coming from a clip of ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ playing Call of Duty with ‘neighbour’ and viral video star Anwar Jibawi.

The 50 year-old New Yorker posted the YouTube funny a couple of months ago and it’s already been veiwed over 4 MILLION times.

Tyson shows his comedy side, which has also been visible during his appearances in movie franchise The Hangover, as Jibawi shows what it would be like to have the ex-boxer as your neighbour.


In the video, an exchange between the pair goes like this…

Tyson: “Hey Anwar, what you doing, you coming over or what man come on.”

Jibawi: “Mike I told you I’m busy all week bro. Please don’t do this. I’m cooking dinner tonight so I can’t.”

Tyson: “I’ll make you a sandwich, you won’t believe it, pitta bread and all sorts.”

The pair then get down to a game of Call of Duty and the chat continues as Tyson claims: “I was good in the ring but I’m a god here.”


Jibawi then wins towards the end of the game when Tyson is distracted by one of his children.

“How you gonna claim some kind of win like that? – Get the f*** out of here,” he shouts as he literally kicks Jibawi out of his house.

Watch the clip from Mike Tyson’s YouTube channel