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Craig Morris looking to bounce back on July 15 in Stoke

The likeable Ludlow boxer admitted he has had a tough time since losing Midlands Area Welterweight title to Ryan Fields back in February. The 25-year-old had won the belt back in October but he was handed his first defeat by Fields in his last contest.

The Ludlow pugilist is now hoping to channel all his frustrations into getting back to winning ways on BCB Promotions’ ‘Pride of the Potteries’ show at Fenton Manor, Stoke, on Saturday, 15th July and he told BCB Boxing he wants to gets back amongst the titles.

“I obviously want to get back up to the level I was,” he said. “This one will hopefully but me back in the mix and get me back on the road for a title. I am open to anything but I want to get back up there and build up my confidence again and then we will see what comes after that.

“From being on such a high winning that Midlands and then losing it, it has been difficult. It was a horrible feeling. When you win a title everyone is after you and everyone is your mate and then as soon as you lose, no one wants to know.

“I want to prove a point in this next fight and put on a good performance and show people that I am still here. Hopefully I can bounce back with a win. It probably isn’t going to be for a title so there is slightly less pressure and I want to prove to myself and everyone else that I will come back stronger from this loss.

“Once you have had that loss, you don’t want it to happen again. When you win a fight and you look back on it and think I could have done a couple of things differently, you don’t really focus too much on it. But this time I have been working on lots of different flaws and I am trying to change a few things up and tighten up. I want to use the defeat and learn from it and make the experience something that I can gain from.”

The Southpaw admitted his first loss was hard to take but he isn’t planning on tasting defeat anytime soon and he is looking to alter his game so that he can impress when he is back in the ring in Staffordshire.

“I want to make a bit of a stand and put on a good show,” he added. “It would be great to get the stoppage but as long as I do well and look good then I will be happy. The stoppage would make a statement but if I go looking for it too much, that’s when you start loading up on your shots and that is not what I want to do. I want to give myself space and pick my shots better and hopefully then I will be more likely to land the bigger shots anyway. I just want to get in there now really and get that defeat out of my mind.

“You can understand why boxers do go through depression when they have a defeat, especially at the very top level. It must be horrible. I lost the midlands and it was heart breaking for me. But I am itching to get back in the ring now and prove a point and show that I will come back stronger.

“The last couple of fights I have had to pressure them a bit and the Ryan Fields fight just didn’t work out at all. I got involved with him way too much and if I would have boxed then I may have had a different result from that fight. I am not taking anything away from him but I think if I would have boxed more I could have edged it. I want to get back to that in this fight and tighten up my defence.

“ I would like to thank my main sponsors MAPEI and all the other sponsors who always support me.”

‘Pride of the Potteries’ also features unbeaten Stoke trio Luke Caci (light heavyweight), Kieron McLaren (lightweight) and Owen Jobburn (super welterweight).

Stafford welterweight Rob Hunt, and Winsford welterweight, Nathan Clarke, complete the card.

Tickets are priced at £30 for Standard unreserved tickets or £60 VIP Ringside. They are available by calling the boxers direct or 07734 118 041.