Mendoza follows WBC, suspends Leon Lawson indefinitely for attack

The World Boxing Association suspended trainer Leon Lawson indefinitely for his unsportsmanlike action last Saturday in Maryland.

Lawson punched an unawares Jose “Bolivita” Uzcátegui, who was fighting for the Interim Super Middleweight Title of the International Boxing Federation against Andre Dirrell.

“We think it was an action that all those who love sport should reject.

“There was a blow after the bell, product of an action that I consider involuntary, that ‘Bolivita’ could not stop, and then the cowardly act in which Lawson punched the boxer occurred.

“Therefore, as the WBC did, we suspended him indefinitely”, said Mendoza.

“I rejected the incident since I saw it. However, I wanted to talk to Daryl Peoples (IBF President) first to make my point because it was a match sanctioned by them and I thought it was best to talk to him first.”