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Home » Frank Warren details Tyson Fury’s test refusal, questions UKAD decision delay

Frank Warren details Tyson Fury’s test refusal, questions UKAD decision delay

Fury has already hit out at slow plans to give a final verdict on a questioned test, which could take place as late as October, almost two years after the former world heavyweight title holder defeated Wladimir Klitschko.

Warren had hoped to add the 28 year-old to the Billy Joe Saunders undercard on July 8 in London but moved to outline what really went down in 2015 when finding out Fury faced a longer wait to learn his fate.

“His big problem was, when they went for his test, Tyson told them to f*** off. He filmed it; I’ve seen it. He said ‘What you’ve done to me is persecute me’. This is when he wasn’t feeling too good,” Warren explained to PA Sport.

“Then Peter (Fury, Tyson’s uncle and trainer) found out and called them, an hour later he said ‘Can you come back?’ and they wouldn’t come back.

“(Boxing) is what he does and having it hanging over your head, if it is then (October), then it’s been two-and-a-half years and that’s outrageous.

“He’s said some stupid things there’s no doubt about that. (But) there should be no prejudice. You’re there to decide on the facts. End of story. Whether you like him or you don’t like him, that should have nothing to do with it.

“It should all be based on facts and what I can’t get in my head is they’ve brought this case, why has it dragged on for two years?”

It’s unclear whether UKAD would take Fury’s existing time out of action into consideration when dishing out a punishment, although it’s hoped by Warren and his team ‘2 Fast’ could be back in the ring by the end of this year – at the very latest.