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Home » David Coldwell eyes Lewis Taylor shock against Jamie Cox

David Coldwell eyes Lewis Taylor shock against Jamie Cox

The unlikely chance has been delivered by manager, Dave Coldwell, and the winner is likely to find himself in a lucrative spot with further title shots against the division’s leading names a real possibility. Coldwell who will also be on training duty with new charge, Anthony Fowler, is hoping for a successful night all round and believes Taylor can upset the odds.

“It’s a fight he wants and it’s one he’s preparing really well for,” revealed Coldwell.

“An awful lot has been made about Cox signing with Matchroom and it seems they’ve got high hopes for him so this is a chance that Lewis can really grab by beating him and making people aware exactly who he is. There’s so much talk about what Cox is going to go on and do but he’s got a determined guy in front of him on May 27th and if Lewis turns up and sticks to the plan then some of those plans for Cox might have to be put on hold.”

Coldwell added, “I’ve got no doubt that Lewis is the underdog here but he brings some experience and he knows how to look after himself and he’s gone the distance in title fights before and that can be the difference in a fight like this. 

“Jamie Cox is a brilliant fighter on his day but he doesn’t always turn up and there’s been the odd occasion where he’s been very fortunate to get the verdict in these fights but when he turns up in the mood to perform then you’re dealing with a good fighter.

“There’s a lot of doors that can be opened if Lewis performs well and gets the win and I’m hoping that him and his team can exploit some of Cox’s weaknesses and cause quite the shock.”