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Home » Saunders: As long as I’m breathing, Eubank Jr. can’t beat me

Saunders: As long as I’m breathing, Eubank Jr. can’t beat me

Saunders, who defeated Eubank Jr. in their 2014 meeting, has long been linked to facing middleweight king Gennady Golovkin as the only other champion in the division, whilst some in Briton would like to see a second helping with his arch-nemesis from Brighton.

As well as outlining his confidence of beating Eubank Jr. again should they meet, Saunders recently revealed he’s on the verge of sealing one of the most eye-catching bouts of the year.

“He talks about fighting big, big names but loses his bottle every time,” Saunders told Alan Brazil on TalkSPORT’s Sports Breakfast.

“The only name he has boxed is me and I beat him.

“He would never, ever beat me, as long as he is breathing fresh air. That is a guarantee. He ain’t got the boxing brain to beat me.”

On his next move, Saunders said: “We are in talks at the minute.

“I can’t say too much now because I have been told not to, but it is a big, big fight. It will be the biggest fight of 2017.

“It won’t be in England so I will have to travel abroad, which I am not bothered about doing. To be the elite, you have to beat them,” he added.

Saunders traveling to Kazakhstan to face ‘GGG’ has been the favoured topic amongst those speculating on what the fight could be, although Golovkin has to take care of Danny Jacobs first and they don’t fight until the middle of next month.

Similar situation with another rival in Canelo Alvarez, who is off the table until he completes a fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in May, leaving Saunders will few options at his own weight – which could potentially mean a move up to 168 – Eubank’s new weight class.