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Home » Look: Haye boasts insane physique three weeks from Bellew clash

Look: Haye boasts insane physique three weeks from Bellew clash

The ‘Hayemaker’ battles WBC cruiserweight champion Bellew at heavyweight at the O2 Arena in London and was supremely confident in an interview with WBN lately.

Haye spoke to World Boxing News on Bellew’s plan to get passed four rounds before taking over in the second half of the fight. 

“It’s a bit of a stupid one. It’s like saying my gameplan to beat Usain Bolt in a race is to stay in front of him for the first 80 metres and then just coast the last twenty,” said Haye.

“It’s easy saying something like that, but you’ve actually got to get in front of him for 80 metres and that’s the thing. It’s easy saying you’ll get to the fourth round, but how are you going to get to the fourth round? – He hasn’t talked about that bit.

“He’s either going to have a tear-up, in which case he’ll walk on to one quick, or he’s going to run like a b**** and he might last a few rounds scurrying around like a terrified rat. But he’s going to get caught, and once I catch him, that’s it – it’s over.”

The arch-rivals went face-to-face at a recent taping of Sky Sports’ ‘The Gloves are Off’ series and Haye was asked what he thought of Bellew’s demeanor prior to their next meeting at the UK press conference in a few weeks’ time.

“He just looked his usual dopey self. He had this really stupid look on his face and I just can’t wait to put it to sleep,” Haye added.

Judging by trainer Shane McGuigan’s Instagram, Haye is in the condition of his life as the big fight looms on the horizon.