Shocker: Mayweather confirms McGregor fight likely, will take place between 147 and 150 pounds

The 39 year-old retired in September 2015 on a record-equalling 49-0, but will now return in an attempt to win a 50th contest in a massive Las Vegas showdown against the outspoken Irishman.

“I’m not sure whether the fight is going to happen but most likely a fight with Conor McGregor will happen,” Mayweather told Sky Sports at the Carl Frampton v Leo Santa Cruz event at the MGM Grand.

“I believe I can get my number. We going to do a job on my side. The fight hasn’t been made yet but it’s all about entertainment. Hopefully, we can make it happen. I’m the Pay-Per-View king and I’m looking forward to doing big Pay-Per-View numbers again.”

Asked by Adam Smith to confirm that he will fight again, Mayweather answered: “I believe so.”

In an interview with Showtime’s Jim Gray moments before, Mayweather explained he expects the fight with McGregor to happen between 147 and 150 pounds.

McGregor had been on stage in Manchester, England hours previously and spoken openly about facing Mayweather in the first billion dollar contest in the history of the sport.

‘The Notorious’ must now gain a licence from the Nevada State Athletic Commission in order to make his dream fight a reality.

McGregor was previously turned down over an unpaid fine which he is set to settle shortly.