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Home » Mikey Garcia: I expect Dejan Zlaticanin to try knock my head off!

Mikey Garcia: I expect Dejan Zlaticanin to try knock my head off!

Garcia, 29, fights for just the second time in three years on Saturday night at the MGM Grand and believes the Montenegrin will be aiming to knock him out in a bid to scupper his chances of regaining a foothold as world ruler.

“I’m very happy and excited for my upcoming fight,” said Garcia. “This is a chance to claim a third world title in my third division. Zlaticanin is tough, strong and dangerous but I feel confident in my abilities. I’m planning on giving the fans in Las Vegas a great show.

“This is a big opportunity for me. It’s a very dangerous fight. That’s why I took it. These are the kind of challenges that I want. I’m ready to prove to everybody that I’m back right where I belong.

“I’m not overlooking Zlaticanin, but everybody else seems to be. People ask me about what I’d want for future fights, but I know how dangerous this guy is. Anything could happen. But I know that I have what it takes to beat him. He has power, but I also have power. The best man is going to win that night.

“Becoming an undefeated world champion like my opponent doesn’t come easy. It happens for a reason. He may be not as known to the casual fan, but anybody can tell you how dangerous he is. Some people think it’s a little too much for me right now. But I’m ready to prove everybody wrong and take on this challenge.

“I expect him to come in and try to knock my head off. He’s a power puncher and that’s what he does. If he wants to pressure me, I’ll be ready for that.