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Peter Fury updates on Tyson, predicts comeback will happen

Fury, 28, who was recognized as the best fighter in the world over 200 pounds, relinquished all his titles late last year in order to concentrate on being right mentally and is yet to pinpoint when exactly his next fight could take place.

Ahead of some huge top division match-ups happening in the next few months, Peter gave an update on Fury’s current state of mind and says boxing is still not at the forefront of his thinking.

“Tyson is doing well. He’s okay and right now he is just enjoying some private time,” Peter Fury told Sky Sports.

“I’ve spent time with him recently and we never even spoke about the prospect of him coming back. We just relaxed and enjoyed a bit of family time.

“It’s something where Tyson has to make that decision himself, and he has to really want it. But I’m sure he’ll be back – I don’t think he knows anything else. He’s still only 28 and I think he still has a lot more to offer the sport.”

Speaking about what Fury achieved before heading into his semi-retirement, Peter pointed out: “Tyson did what nobody else has done.

“He went over to Germany and defeated the main heavyweight, who had not been beaten in 11 years.

“He was totally the underdog going into that fight. It was an amazing story and I don’t think it will be repeated any time soon. It was a truly fabulous achievement and an achievement we’re all very proud of.

“I still think he will resume his career in the future, but when, I don’t know,” added Fury.