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Home » Khan to Hearn: Forget the percentage, we offered Brook more than GGG fight!

Khan to Hearn: Forget the percentage, we offered Brook more than GGG fight!

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Khan revealed on daytime UK TV via link from San Francisco that Brook had walked away from a fight between the two British stars.

“It’s something I didn’t want to tweet, but you guys asked me so I want to tell you the truth. I want the fight and Kell Brook has just walked away from it, he doesn’t want it,” Khan told ITV’s This Morning.

Asked why he would do that by host Philip Schofield, Khan replied: “Maybe he has other options or maybe he just doesn’t want that big fight. I think he’s just fooling the British public.

“I was getting the blame for not taking the fight, and now when I’ve said, ‘yes, I’ll take the fight’ – Kell Brook has stepped back and made excuses. He’s making me look the bad one.

“I want to tell you guys that I want the fight, but the answer from Kell Brook and his team was, ‘no’.”

Brook came back with a dig at a recent clip of Khan’s private life that was leaked online last week: “Don’t believe what you hear from that ‘w**ker’, I’m pretty sure everyone in the knows I want the fight!”

Hearn has now outlined Khan’s terms of a 70-30 split in his favour mean the fight won’t happen anytime soon, which Khan reacted to almost immediately.

Since the initial trade of barbs, Khan has opened up on the value of his offer, stating it was more than what Brook received for his September loss to Gennady Golovkin

Whatever the stipulations are between what each fighter is asking for, the fight still seems some way from happening and both may need to look at alternatives for their next outing.