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WBC express concern over Angel Garcia behaviour

The WBC prides itself for its battle against apartheid in which South Africa was banned from boxing for 19 years and our constant rejection to any sort of discrimination and abuse of power.

The WBC condemns the foul language, the discriminatory threats and the very dangerous actions which could have led to a riot and personal injuries during this presentation.

The WBC has no jurisdiction over licensing of trainers, which is a matter that corresponds to the local boxing authorities, however, the WBC Code of Ethics and Constitution, Rules and Regulations, reject emphatically these actions, which can not be tolerated in our sport.

The WBC respects and has always enjoyed a very respectful relation with Mr. Angel Garcia in the past and the WBC will hold a meeting in person or by teleconference next week through the WBC administrative process and protocol.

Boxing is a sport of contact, but it is a noble one and fighters are role models for the youth of the world with countless exemplary actions of fair play, respect, unity, humanity and brotherhood.

Garcia vs. Thurman is a very important fight between two undefeated champions, which brings the best of our sport and the attention must be fully into this great event and the two fighters putting their future on the line.