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Home » Bernard Hopkins vows December 17 will be the ‘Final 1’

Bernard Hopkins vows December 17 will be the ‘Final 1’

Hopkins battles young Joe Smith Jr. on December 17 at The Forum in California just a month shy of his 52nd birthday in what ‘The Executioner’ is promising will be the 65th and final fight of his immense career.

“I am challenging myself, as Oscar has mentioned, with Joe Smith Jr. who is one of the best options out there,” said Hopkins.

“I am ready, and we are on the final stretch. I’m feeling great as most fighters would say as they are about to get in the ring. I am about to bring the textbook about boxing. That’s what I’m going to show you all, so you can see it on Primetime. I am looking forward to the final 1. There will be no more like me.

“On December 17th, I want to give a performance where you beg me to stay, and it’s a challenge that Joe Smith will have to take on. For fighters to show their greatness, they need someone to bring it out.

“Timing is everything, and I am doing it in my calculation. I proved a bunch of people wrong already. There is no stone that has not been unturned, meaning that when I look back, I would have done everything that I wanted to.

“I am done. This will be the “Final 1”. Whether it was JDJ (John David Jackson) or Naazim [Richardson] in my corner, I will not fight, even if I feel that I can do a lot more,” he added.