Lomachenko ranks #1 with CompuBox, highest rating since Mayweather

Vasyl Lomachenko

📸 Mikey Williams

Following his dazzling performance vs. Nicholas Walters, Vasyl Lomachenko takes over the #1 spot on CompuBox’s Plus Minus List with a +20.9 rating.

He’s the highest rated fighter since Floyd Mayweather (+24.5). Lomachenko also ranks #1 in opponents connect pct. at 16.1%– .7% higher than master boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux.

This stat is so impressive given Loma is the busier offensive fighter (22 of 59.5 per round) to Rigos 11.6 of 49.4 per round. Normally a busier fighter is more susceptible to opponents counters.

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Mayweather avg’d 16.9 of 38.9 per round. Money opponents landed 18.9%. Lomachenko lands 49.4% of his power punches, 12.1% higher than the CompuBox average.

Lomachenko’s opponents land just 22.7% of their power punches, 14.6% lower than the CompuBox average.