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Home » IBO champ Marco Huck celebrates turning 32 in camp

IBO champ Marco Huck celebrates turning 32 in camp

After the final sparring session ahead of his world championship fight against Dmytro Kucher on November 19th the reigning IBO-Champ opted to have a little fun.

Marco Huck, just a week before you fight versus Dmytro Kucher you turned 32. How did you feel on your special day?

I felt really good. I thought a lot about the past 12 years ever since I joined the professional ranks. During this time a lot of people have tried to put stones on my path to the top. But I am grateful to every one of them as they have all made me the person I am today.

Your birthday collided with the final day of training camp. Were you able to celebrate at all?

I was able to celebrate and I did, of course not too much though. Camp has been going so well, that I could afford a bit of fun. My coach Varol und my Physio Paul weren’t able to keep up. We definitely had a good time

Looking back at the past 12 months, how would you summarize them?

The past year was one of the most successful one, on a personal as well as professional level. A lot has happened since my last birthday. I signed a contract with the broadcaster RTL, something every European boxer can only dream of. Huck Sports Promotion keeps growing and when I won the world championship in February the fans showed me that they are still right behind me and supporting me all the way. And my private life is also great. I have to amazing sons who are both happy healthy and a beautiful wife.

Your preparations are now over – how did the last weeks go?

To begin with it was tough to motivate myself again after the cancelation in September. But I was determined to get back into the ring this year. Hence I trained heard over the past weeks and I will walk into the ring on with a clean conscience. And I will be successful against Dmytro Kucher.