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Defiant Roy Jones Jr. vows to continue fighting

Roy declares he’s still far from done in the ring, even though he’s almost knocking on 48 years of age, insisting he retains powerful reasons for still fighting on after 27 years.

“I am a boxing addict” he admitted. He even secured Russian nationality to keep fighting.

“I think it won’t be hard to retire but I just want to right now. I really enjoy and still feel capable of doing it,” said Jones.

“When boxing is on TV I preferred not watching it. I don’t want to say I am bothered watching fights, as all fighters deseve my deepest and most sincere respect. But I just watch them when I am going to narrate.

“I myself like facing big challenges and not easy win fights. I don’t want to cheat my fans, if I don’t have a challenge I just don’t feel ok.”