Flores claims Bellew low blow/elbow changed fight, presents evidence

Former world cruiserweight world title challenger BJ Flores took to social media on Friday night to present his case for accidental fouls by recent opponent Tony Bellew.

Flores has blamed a low blow and an elbow towards the end of the second round for what the 37 year-old says was a complete turnaround in the contest, following what the American points out to be total domination of the first five minutes.

Bellew eventually claimed victory in the third session, knocking Flores down three more times in the process, although the Californian is convinced British referee Ian John Lewis should have done something about the incidents.

As the champion moves on to a potential unification or possible heavyweight match-up with David Haye, Flores is left contemplating his future after spending time receiving treatment.

Judging by the video evidence presented by Flores, the veteran could have a case, although whether it would have changed the overall outcome of the bout is up for considerable debate.

Through his entire post-fight press week, Bellew has made no mention of giving Flores a second chance and its seems the complaint is destined to fall on deaf ears.

Judge for yourself in the video.