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Home » Exclusive: Price expecting Joshua call if Klitschko fight collapses

Exclusive: Price expecting Joshua call if Klitschko fight collapses

Hearn confirmed that a snag with the WBA sanctioning of a possible unification on December 10 in Manchester has put the Joshua v Klitschko fight in jeopardy and both sides have been assessing other options for separate fights.

Price, 33, is now ready to step in and face Joshua in an all-UK world title encounter next month and doesn’t really see who else Hearn could turn to should Klitschko decide to headline his own event in Hamburg on the same night.

“If that’s the case then I’m expecting a phone call,” Price exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Right now, Joshua is running out of options and I fit the criteria for that fight.”

On negativity from a portion of fans towards a possible Joshua challenge, Price, who once put the Olympic champion on the floor in sparring, added: “Some people don’t believe I deserve to fight Anthony Joshua but my question back to them would be, ‘what have I done not to deserve to fight Anthony Joshua?’ – The only answer they would have is that I’ve been beaten by two people who’ve failed post-fight drug tests. For me, that isn’t an adequate reason not to be fighting.

“I’m in the Top 15 with the IBF, I’m a former British and Commonwealth champion and I think I’ve knocked more people out than Anthony Joshua has had wins.

“I’m also the biggest opponent (at 6ft 8ins) he could face and the biggest punching opponent he’d ever face. I’m the most dangerous fight that he’s going into so far in his career and a lot of people can’t see that.

“The disappointment of the Klitschko fight seems to be hitting the fans, and if I was to get the Joshua fight, I’d probably take the brunt of that fight not happening but that’s not my problem.

“People need to understand that you’re talking about a different animal in myself now and I know me versus Anthony Joshua would be a great fight. It would be a shoot-out and one of the best heavyweight fights people would have seen for a long time.

“I’d be going in there to do damage and I’d have everything to gain. I’ve said for months, years that I’d take that fight but people on the street ask me if I’d face Anthony Joshua and pull a bit of a face when I say, ‘yes’ – but at the end of the day, he’s human and people need reminding of that.

“We’ll see what happens, but I’m expecting the phone to ring because other than me, where else can they go?”

‘Pricey’ is two victories into his comeback since losing controversially in a European title bout last summer and could well be the frontrunner to face Joshua ahead of Kubrat Pulev and Eric Molina.