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Home » Exclusive: Amir Khan awaits Al Haymon options, wants reputable opponent for return

Exclusive: Amir Khan awaits Al Haymon options, wants reputable opponent for return

Khan, 29, was initially hopeful of squeezing in a January outing on home soil in the UK before a massive fight in the middle of next year, although his recovery from a hand injury means that’s no longer possible.

The Bolton man had been suffering from chronic problems with his hand for years and decided to finally correct the ailment in a bid to launch an assault on the world welterweight title in the New Year.

“I was looking to fight end of December or January but with the hand injury and the healing process, I didn’t want to rush into it,” Khan exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I think I’ll be back out again in March or April next year and I’m happy to go straight into a tough fight. I’ll go for a hard fight as I don’t want to be taking an easy route.

“I’ve just come off a big fight against Canelo, so there’s no point going down a step too much to where I’m going to be taking a tune-up fight. I think I’m passed that now and ready to stay at that top level of boxing.

“I want to fight the top guys being the number one with the WBC.”

That position was almost in jeopardy recently until the fighter belatedly enrolled in the WBC Clean Boxing Program to cement his place against old foe and green belt holder Danny Garcia, although ‘King’ Khan faces a slight delay to finally get his shot at redemption.

“There was talk about fighting Danny Garcia until he took the Samuel Vargas fight and it also looks like he’s going for Thurman now. But I’m talking with Al Haymon on that one and we’ll just see what happens with it.

“I’m also highly ranked with the WBA so there are few big options open, even with me coming back from injury. But it has to be a big name as I think that’s where I belong. It has to be someone decent and reputable.

“We’ve left it with Al Haymon so we are just waiting to hear back to see what he’s got and what the options are, but I should find out by December.

“I should know who I’m taking and when exactly I will be fighting by then,” he added.