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Home » Exclusive: Deontay Wilder sad, expects tougher unification job after Tyson Fury ruling

Exclusive: Deontay Wilder sad, expects tougher unification job after Tyson Fury ruling

Fury, 28, has been through much-publicised problems of late and is braced to lose his status as a divisional ruler, with the Briton’s boxing license even said to be in jeopardy at a Board meeting on Wednesday.

As Wilder is on the outside looking in due to his recovery from hand and bicep surgery, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ will now see his unification dream turn into a much tougher proposition upon his return.

“Sad to say, but the belts are probably going to be split up again and will make it that much harder to unify,” Wilder exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I think everything will work itself out in time because that’s what I want to do. I don’t think there’s anybody else out there that has that passion, that drive to really want to unify like I do. I really think unifying will bring the heavyweight division back to the top and to it’s prime, to have one champion, one face, one name and that’s Deontay Wilder.

“People are getting confused because when you say the heavyweight champion of the world it’s not just one guy, there’s three of us and it’s confusing. If you just have one face, one name then people only recognised that person as the champion around the world and that’s what people need. I want to give that to them in order to bring excitement back to the heavyweight division.”

The 30 year-old was hoping to battle Fury and compatriot Anthony Joshua in 2017 in his bid to clean up all the championships, although now faces going through at least another belt holder in a bid to add to his green and gold strap next year.

“People haven’t got to worry about seeing great fights, but my goal is to unify and then I want to have at least four, maybe five fights a year – all mandatories. That being said, I’ll only be fighting the top guys and people won’t have to worry about who I’m fighting,” he explained.

“I think people forget that the heavyweight division is a small division and you can’t fight a top guy every time you go out to perform because if you beat them all you won’t have anybody left. You’ll only have the bottom feeders to fight. That’s why everything is being scheduled and planned out as you have to have different timings for these fights to keep it exciting.

“The heavyweight division is not like the welterweights or the middleweights where it’s packed full of talent. We only have so many, but that’s just my view on it so we can face the other champions and bring the division back to the top,” added Wilder.