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Home » Roman Gonzalez agrees in principle to Carlos Cuadras rematch

Roman Gonzalez agrees in principle to Carlos Cuadras rematch

Carlos made this promise at the weekly press conference of the World Boxing Council in Mexico City.

In a conference call Chocolatito readily agreed to the direct rematch. He said he thought he won chapter one by a margin of a couple of rounds but NOT by a wider margin. He said it was a great, close and difficult fight in which he’d done his utmost to win. And he’s very happy to have a rematch.

Their first classic war, was for the WBC onyx belt. Carlos wants the rematch to be for the diamond belt! Carlos is promising to be more explosive next time around. He confirms he’s going to Japan this weekend for discussions with Mr Honda of Teiken.

He says this fight has matured him and he also stressed: “The recognition of the people following the fight, has been absolutely fantastic. It’s priceless!”

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman says there’s a popular demand for a second encounter, with much anticipation that it could match or even surpass the first, which is a leading candidate for Fight of The Year. And a direct rematch could be as soon as early next year.