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Home » Roach gets Pacquiao blessing to corner for Morrison TV debut

Roach gets Pacquiao blessing to corner for Morrison TV debut

Morrison, who is the son of former world heavyweight champion Tommy, fights undefeated Ed Latimore in Oklahoma in a bid to extend his own perfect record, having been picked up by Showtime for Friday’s show.

Despite being called to train Pacquiao in the Philippines to coincide with Senatorial duties the eight-weight world champion needs to undertake prior to his November 5 fight with Jessie Vargas, Roach has been told to hang back until after this weekend.

“I was supposed to be in the Philippines, but I’m very close with Manny Pacquiao and I told him, ‘Listen, Manny, I’m going to be a week late because I have a big fight with Trey coming up,’ and he said, ‘I’ll see you in a week. Get the win,’ explained Roach.

“We are a 100 percent ready. We have great sparring partners. We’ve done great work and I know he’s coming from a broken hand and he hasn’t fought in a while, but his strengthening and conditioning is going really well. This is going to be a great fight and I expect him to be at his best. [Looking at Ed Latimore] You are going to feel his power.”

Morrison, who is aiming to impress a national audience for the first time, added: “Moving to Hollywood [to the Wild Card] was a big change for me, but it meant I could train with Freddie Roach. He boosted my confidence just by the fact he agreed to take me on. So he must have seen something.

“There are so many things we work on: ring generalship, footwork, things to look for, stuff to avoid.

“This is a tough fight for both of us, a dangerous test. Latimore is definitely my toughest opponent so far,” said the top division prospect.