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Home » Golovkin: Brook no middleweight, I didn’t feel his power

Golovkin: Brook no middleweight, I didn’t feel his power

Speaking to Sky Sports immediately after scoring his 23rd straight stoppage, ‘GGG’ stated the plentiful punches Brook landed just didn’t have the necessary force to stop him doing what he wanted in the ring.

“Thank you very much London. I wanted to bring the drama show because I know Kell is a very good fighter but sorry, he’s not a middleweight,” said Golovkin.

“I know my style, I respect him, he’s good but not so strong. He just touched but I didn’t feel his power. So many punches but I didn’t feel them.

“I respect Kell, he is real and thanks to his corner, for his career and for his family, it’s correct because I feel it’s game over, it’s finished.”

Asked what he wants next, Golovkin made it plain a unification with the only other champion out there was on his mind.

“First of all, I’m a boxer and I’m open for everybody. I want a unification fight. I would like Billy Joe Saunders first of all because he has the other belt.”

A fight with mandatory challenger Danny Jacobs could also be a consideration for Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler, although a unification opposite Saunders would take priority over any stipulated contest against the American.