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Home » Exclusive: Price backs Fury for Klitschko repeat, talks fight delay

Exclusive: Price backs Fury for Klitschko repeat, talks fight delay

The date just over seven weeks from now has already been put out there despite Fury’s promoter Hennessy Sports nor Klitschko’s handlers at KMG participating in any official promotion since the UK and German press conferences.

Fury has been the subject of a legal matter with the UK Anti-Doping Agency, not to mention his opponent for the anticipated rematch, and trainer Peter recently stated that it was full steam ahead with the second bout.

Despite this, Price was a bit bemused by the current situation between Fury, Klitschko and their respective teams and hopes something is clarified soon for the sake of the top division.

“It’s all a bit smoke and mirrors with Fury v Klitschko at the minute,” Price exclusively told World Boxing News.

“October 29 is coming around fast (without any movement) so you’d think they would be starting the promotion for their show. I don’t know what’s going on but I hope it does go ahead.

“It’s not only keeping things on hold for Fury and Klitschko but the whole division. It’s stalling things for everybody else.

“It’s a mad one and obviously down to legal issues more than anything else that’s going on behind the scenes. But I can’t really put my finger on what’s happening and like the everyone else, I’m just waiting for the confirmation of the fight.

“I’m as perplexed as everyone else,” he added before Price gave his prediction for the return.

“If it goes ahead I can see Fury winning again. I think he’s probably got Klitschko’s number as a fighter, style-wise.

“Klitschko’s also a year older and has had twelve months out of the ring. The thing about Klitschko is that he was always a pretty active champion and fought regularly so the time out the ring won’t have done him any favours.

“The same could be said for Fury as we don’t know how he’s been looking after himself, but he is the younger man and the fresher of the two so I think I can see Fury winning again.”