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Home » Golovkin surprised by Brook’s size: He’s huge, it’s a serious fight!

Golovkin surprised by Brook’s size: He’s huge, it’s a serious fight!

The Kazakh’s opponent for Saturday has so far scaled on the 10% and 5% limits at thirty and seven days respectively with the World Boxing Council and ‘GGG’ knows he’s not dealing with a natural welterweight.

“Brook came in a month before the fight at 176 pounds, and then 167 pounds. My weight has been 165 or 163 but he’s huge. He looks good. He looks strong and big. It’s interesting. It’s very serious and it’s a huge fight,” Golovkin told Sky Sports.

“My first question to my coach was about different speed but he said no – just different size, different power and different timing. I thought ‘Wow’. It’s interesting. He’s my biggest fight and my biggest challenge. It’s my biggest step. UK fans are huge and crazy. I like the atmosphere.”

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On his own physical and mental condition, Golovkin added: “I feel great. I feel it’s time to fight. I have two or three days and then I’ll be feeling ready, 100 percent. I have to thank my coach, Abel Sanchez, who brought a new strategy for this. It feels great. I feel different and I feel good.

“I have a different plan and a more serious plan. Kell is a great fighter and I respect him. He’s an undefeated champion from the UK with a great record. I understand it’s not an easy fight for us so I’m more serious and more focused.”

The pair do battle at the O2 Arena live on Sky Sports Box Office, with the winner in line to be recognized as the one of the top two fighters on the planet.