Roman Gonzalez spars over a hundred rounds for Carlos Cuadras

gonzalez sterling eato6

Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez, is rounding off his training camp in Big Bear, California this Saturday, with NO intention of tangling with a Grizzly, but certainly aiming to leave his mark by dethroning WBC super flyweight champion Carlos Cuadras on September 10th at the Inglewood Forum.

According to his trainer Arnulfo Onado, Roman has been bearing up wonderfully well, having already completed 105 sparring rounds. During the coming days, he will have another eight rounds sparring session, to polish off his preparations with a lucky dip total of 113 shining rounds.

Roman himself confirmed his weight is bang on target and currently is 120.5 pounds, so minus goodies or chocs, he’ll have few poundage problems and alight as the wizard of oz!

Coach also stated that Roman who’s contesting a fourth crown in a fourth weight category, is completely one track relaxed, as usual: “He’s like a robot. He trains he rests and nothing else. Roman is totally focused on this fight.”