Joyce lands double Yoka’s punches in Olympic final, say stats


Up until Sunday, Michael Conlan’s loss to Vladimir Nikitin was the most controversial verdict of the 2016 Olympic boxing but the super heavyweight gold medal bout may be an even bigger outrage. 

While Yoka threw harder, sharper and easier-to-see punches, Joyce’s sheer numbers should have overwhelmed Yoka’s work, especially in the amateur game where “touches” are paramount.

Joyce averaged an incredible 120 punches per round to Yoka’s 48.7 and thanks to his massive 50-1 lead in body connects he more than doubled Yoka in total connects (112-49) and more than TRIPLED Yoka’s total in power connects.


Astonishingly, the Turkish and Hungarian judges saw Yoka the winner in round one while the Ukrainian judge joined them in granting round two to Yoka.

Joyce earned the nod from the Hungarian and Ukrainian jurists in the third but by then it was mathematically too little and too late as Yoka, the 2015 world champion, won the split decision.

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