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Home » Exclusive: Gallagher agrees with Quigg, Frampton rematch needed

Exclusive: Gallagher agrees with Quigg, Frampton rematch needed

Quigg made the admission earlier this month that a second contest with Frampton is on his wishlist after missing out on victory in the first fight last February – and suffering a broken jaw into the bargain.

On his way to a full recovery from the injury, Quigg has put revenge against Frampton at the forefront of his mind and Gallagher is in full agreement with the former world champion.

“I feel Frampton and his team left the arena that night knowing they got away with it,” Gallagher exclusively told World Boxing News.

“We left feeling we could beat them because obviously, we had the Achilles heel of a broken jaw.

“It’s a good fight and I know Scott wants to do it again. I know people say, ‘oh leave it alone’ and ‘don’t be bitter’ and stuff like that but I think Quigg wants to prove to himself. Whether that means moving up a weight division to fight him we’ll have to wait and see.

“It’s a fight that has appeal and when you lose, you obviously want to try to avenge that defeat. It’s only natural, whether it be in football or a boxer, any loss you’re smacking with hurt from it and you want to put it right. Scott Quigg is no different,” he added.

Frampton is readying himself for a featherweight debut against Leo Santa Cruz on July 30 in New York and Quigg will be an interested spectator as he plots his own way back later this year.