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Home » Eubank Sr. wanted operational control over GGG show – Hearn

Eubank Sr. wanted operational control over GGG show – Hearn

As talks reached contracts being drawn up for Golovkin v Eubank Jr. on September 10, Senior put a spanner in the works with his impossible demands and ultimately handed the fight to welterweight star Kell Brook.

Hearn was attempting to adhere to what Eubank wanted to be involved in for the show, but after outlining some of those requirements, was in no position to allow the former world champion the dominance over proceedings he was looking for.

“We have a model with our fighters. The problem was that Chris Eubank wanted operational control of the show. He wanted to select his own ticket prices, which when I saw I nearly fainted,” Hearn told BBC Sport.

“I would have been strung up. He wanted to select his own undercard, select the purses for the undercard was talking about security and hotels. I don’t need that hassle in my life – that’s what we do, that’s what we’ve done for 30 years.

“They fight and we’ll make them all the money in the world. We do an unbelievable job and they collect it at the end. I’m not going to give a fighter and an ex-fighter operational control of an event that could go horribly, horribly wrong. That’s not the way we work.

“Like I said, he (Chris Eubank Jr.) has a huge future but he has to understand how the game works,” he added.

Eubank’s future at Matchroom Boxing could come into question as the fallout of the debacle comes to a close, but whether it means another parting of ways between both sides remains to be seen.

The 26 year-old and his father originally left Matchroom under a cloud in early 2016 to pursue a British title shot, only to return a few months later with the view of landing the Golovkin fight this year.

That honour has now fallen to Brook, and with Golovkin having mandatory obligations in 2017, means Eubank will have to find an alternative route to a world title shot with only ex-foe Billy Joe Saunders left to consider.