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Home » Exclusive: ‘Heavyweights today are more like NBA players’ – Trey Morrison

Exclusive: ‘Heavyweights today are more like NBA players’ – Trey Morrison

The likes of Lennox Lewis, Riddick ‘Big Daddy’ Bowe, and later that decade, Vitali Klitschko enjoyed title reigns during that time period, setting the bar high for what was to come further down the line.

Fast forward 15 years or more to these days, when the top division rulers are all at least six feet six inches tall and have a distinct size advantage over those boxers who can barely make it past the six-foot mark.

Like his famous pop before him, who held the WBO title back in 1993, Lippe stands at six foot two and will have to get used to letting his brute strength and determination overcome what he lacks in the height department.

“Back in the day, heavyweight boxers had more of a mean streak in them, and it was a different style of boxing. These days, heavyweights are more like NBA players, they’re all six foot eight and above,” Lippe Morrison exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Me being at the shorter end at six one, six-two, it will be a little different, and I’ll have to get used to it. We are fighting giants now. The average height of the heavyweight division is so tall, so it takes some adjustment for a fighter like me.”

Asked his opinion on the current crop of American heavyweights attempting to stop the European’s from taking over, Lippe Morrison added: “Honestly, I don’t know much about the American heavyweights coming through as I just started boxing two years ago, but I’m glad to see the American’s coming back a little.

“I’m happy for what Deontay Wilder is doing too, as he’s the champion and someone I admire,” he said.

Lippe Morrison, 26, has so far stopped all eleven of his professional opponents and is set to return from a hand injury this fall, once again under the guidance of renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach.