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Home » Rising Promotions announce 4th event for July 22 at The Clardige

Rising Promotions announce 4th event for July 22 at The Clardige

No doubt another sold-crowd will be on hand to witness the action as Rising Promotions is establishing itself as the busiest promoter in the Garden State.

The shows have consistently featured some of the best talent in the Tri-Stae (New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania.) in competitive, fan-friendly bouts in front of a packed venue at The Claridge.

“The first three shows have gone exactly to the blueprint which we set out for when we came up with the concept,” said Debra LaManna of Rising Promotions.

“The response has been terrific on all fronts. From the fighters, the fan turn out and sponsors. The Clardige and the New Jersey State Athletic Commission have been a pleasure to work with as well.”

“I think when fans know that every couple months they know they can see these kinds of events with Rising Promotions, the events start to sell themselves. With events scheduled for July, September and November, we will continue to build on what we have started.”

Said Thomas LaManna of Rising Promotions, “Every big time promoter starts somewhere, I just so happened to start at the age of 24 while still active in my career with a pro record of 18-1.”

“It all started out with just doing these shows to keep me active. Ray McCline of the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame and I met in Las Vegas during the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight week and discussed doing shows at The Claridge because he had a direct connection with them. When the meeting was over, I started to see the big picture with it so I than sat down with my parents and my promoter Mr. Vincent M. Ponte of Gulf Stream Promotions, we put together a strong team with a solid mission and three successful shows later, here we are,” Continued Thomas LaManna.

It feels great to open doors for fighters to jump start there career. So far, I was able to have four boxers make their professional debut on my shows so far and they include (former Olympian Luis Perozo, 2016 United States Olympic alternate Leroy Davila & Marvin Johnson).

“It’s always been my dream and goal to become a world champion. That’s first and foremost because I am still a fighter first, but I also have a goal to be one of the top promoters in the sport of boxing. Most people say I can’t, waste of time, no money to be made. That’s there way of thinking and they can keep that mindset. I strive to be great in everything I do and this is just another journey. Keep a lookout for Rising Promotions.”

Tickets are $125 for premium, $77 Ringside stage and $52 reserved and are available at or 609-487-4444