Prieto asks WBC for ten-round Molina rematch at weekly meeting

Following their eight rounds welterweight slugfest at the weekend, Javier Prieto is requesting a rematch with Carlos Molina.

Javier who rallied late in the fight, arrived a tad tardy at the weekly WBC press Conference in Mexico City. Carlos won a split decision victory in Toluca. Javier who was seated beside his rival and friend, said he’s not happy with the verdict, and is requesting a rematch. He also he would like it to fought over ten rounds.

Carlos who assessed and figures he’d won handily by six to two, said he’s happy to fight again, but hopefully over twelve rounds.

A perfectionist, Carlos said he wasn’t completely satisfied with his performance explaining, he’d remained straight in front Javier too much, as the fight had worn on, but every fight is a learning curve process.

Carlos stressed he’s ready for tough fights because it’s the only way to truly advance. Juan Manuel Marquez, Antonio Margarito, and especially Danny Garcia are on his hit/wish list.