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Sexton warns Whyte, urges Hearn to make British title fight

Replies to what can be construed as a verbal onslaught from Whyte in a recent interview have since come from Sexton himself.

“I just wanted to set the record straight with Dillian, who I have absolutely nothing against the guy. No we are not friends, but I don’t dislike the guy at all, he has done a great job for himself since his return from his ban and good luck to him. This is simply business and I aim to grab the opportunity and beat him for the vacant title.

“Of course, he is disappointed not to be fighting Dave (Allen) for the British title but who wouldn’t be disappointed to be boxing for the biggest prize in this country against a raw nine-fight novice? There is no need to be making statements about me because they won’t work and he will now be up against it.

“That is in no way a slight against Dave Allen who is a real nice guy and who I am sure at some point will be in contention for titles, but certainly not at the moment. He still has some learning to do, and with only nine fights he should be allowed to progress properly. Thankfully, the Board rightly place more value on the British title and were not swayed by money or politics totheire credit.

“Make no mistake, Dillian and his team are disappointed they didn’t get away with that fight because they know in me they face a much different challenge – a true championship level fighter and one that will give him a boxing lesson. I have speed, experience, boxing ability, movement and power, so it’s not surprising at all that they are disappointed in having to face me who I know they see as a very real threat and a real challenge – which is exactly what the British title and boxing fans deserve.

“I have only been beaten by two men, Chisora and Price. The Chisora fight was very close and I almost had him out of there but unfortunately came up a little short. Looking back now, I know what was going on in my personal life at the time and I wasn’t right for that fight. However, it was also a very different Chisora to today’s version. At the time I boxed Price, he was very highly rated and full of confidence being touted at the time as a world beater, I make a stupid mistake, got caught and was punished but that’s heavyweight boxing.

“I know for certain that the Chisora and Price of back then would definitely beat Dillian in fact Price would have stopped him quite easily in my opinion and no amount of trash talking would have saved him against either opponent. In fact, even the David Price of today would KO him.

“Dillian is talking about moving on to world honours and another money spinning shot at AJ, but he has to first prove he can beat the best in this country before he looks further afield, something he hasn’t come close to doing. Dillian is adept at the trash talking game and it worked in as much as it got him a shot at AJ and a promotional contract. But his only claim to fame, in talking himself into the fight, also got him knocked face first out against AJ. That’s exactly what will happen to him again when he gets in the ring with me.

“To Mr. Hearn, I say back up the words of Dillian Whyte and make this fight happen. To Dillian, heed my warning that trash will only get you a boxing lesson. Let’s get it on!”